Quite Virtually Santa's Little Helper

Keeping with the holiday spirit of playing games and unwrapping new toys, we’ve created Capiche’s very own virtual reality Google Cardboard game where you quite virtually become Santa’s Little Helper.

It’s been a super busy year for Santa and after one too many eggnogs, he seems to have misplaced some gifts. You’ll need to travel to the North Pole and help Santa recover the lost gifts in time for Christmas day.

Download the app

Once our elves have delivered your very own Cardboard headset, you’ll need to download the Capiche: Santa’s Little Helper app for both iPhone and Android here.

The game needs access to wifi or your network to run smoothly so make sure you’ve got a good connection.

If you don't have your phone in hand you can type your email address below and get the game link emailed to your device (we don't keep your address by the way)

Assemble Cardboard and select your team

Simply assemble the Cardboard headset using the instructions on the box and open the game app on your phone. Select your business team name from the list as this will be the team your score is registered to, and click start. You’ll then be instructed to pop your phone into the Cardboard headset.

Screenshot of app team select screen

Get yourself set!

You’ll need to line up the white line on the screen with the V shape on the Cardboard nose piece and turn your sound on. Ideal chair is a swivel chair so you can experience the 360 North Pole wonderland. Not essential though, don’t put your neck out!

Screenshot of the app to help line up with the headset

Aim of the game

Once you’re ready to start hunting, stare at the start button on the wooden sign and start looking around for presents. There are 10 presents to collect and all you need to do is hover on them to collect them.

Screenshot of how to start the game

See how your team is doing!

When you’ve collected all 10, stars will rain down and you’ll see your time on the wooden sign by the start button. If you turn around 180° you’ll see a top 10 scoreboard. You can see how your team is shaping up against other teams on our Santa’s Little Helper scoreboard.

Preview of the scoreboard page
View scores